Consumers Revel in Gardening at Metrolina Greenhouses’ Dig & Swig Events

Plant Shopping at Metrolina Dig and SwigLearning about plants and local brews — that’s what community members in the Huntersville, NC, area have been doing lately at Metrolina Greenhouses’ Dig & Swig events. The company wanted to promote plants, gardening, and creating a sense of community, so it decided to host some Dig & Swig events at a local brewery.

With several successful Dig & Swig events behind them, Metrolina’s Corporate Marketing Manager Julie Colón reports that the venture was a big success, with a good turnout and attendees of all ages enjoying the gardening activities and craft brews.


At the first Dig & Swig event, Metrolina brought in plants and containers to sell and set up a table where employees designed and planted up containers for attendees. The activity was a big hit, Colón says. People couldn’t believe someone would do the work for them.

Another winning idea was the new plants area, where Metrolina sold new plants, 2017 trial varieties, that hadn’t hit retail yet.

“We explained that the trial plants were a bit like a craft beer,” Colón says. “They couldn’t get enough of them. They felt they were buying something customized and special.”

For the second Dig & Swig event, the team changed things up a bit, offering design ideas on the hour and demos on how to create a succulent garden, in addition to the popular design-a-container activity. Metrolina also brought in perennials and shade items to sell along with annuals. At both events, the team set up a Brews and Blooms area, where plant and craft brew experts fielded questions from the crowd.

“What we learned at these events was that everyone had specific questions that pertained to their unique situations,” Colón says. “Several beginners came because they knew someone would be there to answer their questions.”

Metrolina wanted to find a way to get everyone involved and bring people together in the name of gardening. Dig & Swig was a successful way to make that happen. Why not try a similar event at your business to get your community interested in gardening?