GROW Report 2013: A Year In Review

GROW Report 2013: A Year In Review

Use This One The Grow Initiative logoGreenhouse Grower’s GROW program is designed to provide ideas and insight from our industry and elsewhere to help build floriculture’s future. Some of the best growers, suppliers, breeders, researchers and teachers in the industry provided actionable ideas for GROW’s five key concepts:

Drive consumer success
Demand quality
Sharpen business management
Cultivate new customers
Invest in the industry




Here are links to some of the highlights from our GROW coverage in 2013:

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Rockwell Farms Introduces Ready-To-Pour Container Fertilizer
Public Displays Can Bring In Additional Revenue
Costa Farms’ 02 For You Brand Celebrates Earth Day With Kids
Top 100 Growers Evolve Over 25 Years
Garden Retail Marketing Plans That Connect With Today’s Consumer
Promoting The Benefits Of Plants
Help Congress Help The Industry At Society Of American Florists’ Congressional Action Days
The State Of Labor In The Greenhouse Industry
Prepare Your Greenhouse Operation For Potential Immigration Changes
Make Your Vendor A Partner
Why Parks Brothers Farm’s Jason Parks Uses Social Media
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