GROW Summit 2014 Homes In On The Issues That Keep You Up At Night

GROW Summit 2014 Homes In On The Issues That Keep You Up At Night

GROW summit

Leading growers, suppliers and allied organization members participated in round-table discussions to come up with action items that will address industry issues.

Collaboration as an industry, we need more of it to effectively address the issues that keep us tossing and turning in our beds.


That message echoed through discussions at Greenhouse Grower’s third annual GROW Summit, a combination industry think tank and meeting of the minds, which brings together a select group of leading growers, suppliers and allied organizations to take the measure of the high-priority issues facing our industry.

During the two-day round table discussion in December, a number of ideas, questions and calls-to-action transpired. Here are a few of the highlights.

Consumers. We need to define who our next heavy users are and look at sustainable business solutions that will work long-term for consumers’ changing interests and needs.

Marketing. There seems to be a disconnect between our industry and the consumers we are trying to reach. Is there a better way we can communicate the why and how of plants, both collectively and individually?

Time. Lack of leisure time is a huge issue for our consumers. We can’t change the way people live, but we can look for ways to make our products fit into their lifestyles.

Resources. We need to identify our resources for pushing our message out to consumers. The infrastructure is in place; we just need to decide what direction we want to head.

Growth. Growing the profit pie is essential for our industry. To establish a healthy industry, we need to create a culture of being better business people and increase our market penetration by taking advantage of new opportunities.

Now it is time to take the ideas generated at GROW Summit 2014 and turn them into actions. Greenhouse Grower is committed to making that happen, and as GROW Summit participants do the same, we hope you will be reading about their successes and about ideas you can implement into your own operations in the coming months.

GROW Summit 2014 Participants

Brian Aguiar
Bela Flor Nurseries

Ken Aguilar

Jen Calhoun

George Casey
Greenhouse Grower/Today’s Garden Center

Kathy Cron
Sakata Seed

Laura Drotleff
Greenhouse Grower

Tim Duffin
Ball Horticultural Co.

Don Furterer

Amanda Gallagher
Greenhouse Grower

Michael Geary

Danny Gouge
Willoway Nursery

Mark Huber
The Perennial Farm

Steve Jones
Green Fuse Botanicals

Jeff Kline
BioSafe Systems, Inc.

Joe Lutey
Wojo’s Greenhouses

Yumi Marata
Suntory Flowers

Mike Marett
Rimol Greenhouses

Neil Mattson
Cornell University

Carol Miller
Greenhouse Grower/Today’s Garden Center

Kelly Norris
Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Delilah Onofrey
Suntory Flowers

Jim Paluch
Come Alive Outside

Susie Raker
C. Raker & Sons

Laurie Scullin

Brian Sparks
Today’s Garden Center/Greenhouse Grower

Barry Sturdivant
Wells Fargo

Stan van der Waal
Rainbow Greenhouses

Brad Wiersum
Phyton Biotech

Janeen Wright
Greenhouse Grower

Frank Zaunscherb
Plants Love You/ZRB, Inc.