Rocket Farms Turns A Food Truck Into A Flower Truck To Promote Herbs

Rocket Farms Turns A Food Truck Into A Flower Truck To Promote Herbs

September will be a delicious month in the San Francisco Bay area, when Rocket Farms turns its popular Flower Truck back toward its origins as a food truck. The grower will visit neighborhoods in the area on one day in September to offer tastings of food prepared with its fresh herbs.

As a grower of many crops, including a full line of herbs, Rocket Farms wants to enable people to taste different herbs and understand their flavors. The company will coordinate with a local chef to prepare tastings that will highlight memorable and delicious flavors, while still making the herbs the focus. As with Rocket Farms’ other Flower Truck adventures, announcements of the herb events will be posted via the company’s social media channels and live updates will be posted throughout the events.


Rocket Farms is based in Northern California, with two locations in Half Moon Bay and the Salinas Valley. The producer grows and supplies a full range of edible herbs, fruits and vegetables, and high-quality indoor potted blooming and foliage plants.

The operation’s has had two adventures with the Flower Truck so far this year. On Valentine’s Day it passed out 500 roses and to celebrate spring, it gave away ‘Get Mee’ campanula during a second outing.

During the February event, recipients were encouraged to “Share The Love” by giving flowers to people in their lives by random acts of kindness. Rocket Farms promoted its social media channels at this event, so the public could stay updated about future Flower Truck adventures and other events. At the second event in spring, Rocket Farms took more time to talk to the flower recipients and ask them about their interactions with plants and flower selections.

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