Why More of Your Customers Are Moving to the Suburbs

Why More of Your Customers Are Moving to the Suburbs

Retired-Man-on-PorchYour customers are on the move. In the next few years, you may find more of them settled in the suburbs.

The Suburbs are attracting more Americans who find urban living inconvenient and too expensive, according to the Wall Street Journal article “Retirees Reshape Where Americans Live” by Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg.


Census figures show nearly three-quarters of a million of Americans migrated into one of the 442 counties designated as retiree spots in 2017. This includes Millennials and younger members of Generation X who are getting ready to start their families.

Baby Boomers also are retiring to the suburbs, settling across the country in sun-kissed areas and cooler spots such as Coeur d’Alene, ID, and Jackson Hole, WY. Last year, census figures showed suburban populations of large metropolitan areas grew 1%, and domestic migration into such counties has tripled over the last five years, reaching 265,000 last year, according to the article. Rust-belt areas of Chicago, Baltimore, and Cleveland, respectively, lost the most residents in 2017.