#GrowSomething: It’s A Social Media Takeover

#GrowSomething: It’s A Social Media Takeover

#GrowSomething grow something

Springtime is coming. So gardening time is coming. And it’s time for you to tell someone.


Plants are good for us, for our health, our spirits and our planet, but not everyone knows it. Join us as plants, flowers, trees, bouquets and gardens take over social media.

How To Participate

It’s easy. All you have to do is post to a social media channel at least once a day from May 14 through May 18.

  • Post a link to an article on gardening on Facebook or Twitter
  • Post a photo of your garden center on Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram
  • Shoot a video for YouTube
  • Write a blog post on what it means to you to have plants and flowers in your life

We’re talking about your business accounts AND your personal accounts. Just do something and join the movement.

And use the hashtag #GrowSomething

Why Social Media?

Because it’s powerful. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. If 500 of us message, we have a reach of 65,000 people.

The average Twitter user has 126 followers. If 500 of us tweet, we can reach 63,000 more people.

If they all retweet and share with their Facebook friends, we’ve reached 16 million people. We’re two degrees away from 16 million people! That’s better than Kevin Bacon! We have the power to make our voices heard!

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who loves plants, flowers, trees and green! Do you have a whole garden, a penchant for cut flowers or a single orchid on your windowsill? If so, we want you.

Growers, garden centers, garden writers, gardeners–Let’s get the word out about why you love plants and flowers!

Gen X and Gen Yers–We’re looking at you! Want to help us cultivate new gardeners? Tell your friends your story of why plants are great. Grassroots starts with you!

Garden centers–Make sure that your fans, friends, followers and customers will be in the garden this summer.

Give Me Some Articles To Post!

Cool! Need some ideas on what to post? Click here for some articles you can post on:

You Know More About The Plants You Grow To Eat

Plants Make You Feel Better

Plants Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Plants Improve Your Community

Plants Sequester Carbon Dioxide

Can I Work Ahead?

Absolutely! Services like TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to create posts now and schedule them to be posted at a later date.

Want to schedule your messages right now? Click here to learn how to schedule your messages through TweetDeck and HootSuite for Twitter and Facebook. Schedule them them now before the busy spring season.

Can We Count On You?

Will you join us? Slap your digital John Hancock below, agreeing that you will join us in taking over social media this May. And stay tuned for more on #GrowSomething week.