Horticulture Program Offers Lessons in Finding Jobs After Graduation

Students at University of Georgia horticulture jobs

Greenhouse management training gives UGA graduates an advantage in the industry when looking for horticulture jobs.

There tends to be a lot of talk about new members of the horticulture industry struggling to find jobs after graduation. However, for graduates of the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department of Horticulture, most new alumni have job offers waiting for them, or they have been accepted into graduate school.


According to a story on the UGA Department of Horticulture website, the department has long been committed to helping graduates find jobs or apply for graduate school.

“We have had near 100% placement for 17 years now,” says Paul Thomas, a UGA Professor of Horticulture. “Our students enjoy starting salaries at the top of the agriculture pay scale because most of our students start out in management positions. Because of the training we give them, they can command a high salary.”

The story notes that the department accomplishes this by requiring students to do an internship before graduation, assisting students in receiving scholarships, emphasizing the importance of extracurricular activities involving service and team efforts, and requiring that students take horticulture classes focused on professional and business practices. Classes such as greenhouse management and horticultural business practices are unique because they provide hands-on training integrated with lessons in management and professionalism, providing highly marketable skills for new graduates.

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