How to Keep Customers Coming Back With Top-Notch Service

How to Keep Customers Coming Back With Top-Notch Service

In a recent article on, contributor Micah Solomon outlines seven ways organizations can take their customer service from good to great and beyond.

1. Build a simple customer service statement of philosophy. This shouldn’t be a long, deep-thinking statement. Keep it short, memorable, and believable.


2. Hire employees who possess the essential customer service traits. Hint: This isn’t so much about technical skills, which can be learned, as it is about the right personality for the job.

3. Strive to build an organization where positive peer pressure reigns supreme. Create a culture of kindness in your company. It will carry through to your customers.

4. Set up a program of reinforcement for customer service best practices. Keep the customer service momentum going with daily reminders of best principles and practices.

5. Benchmark the best customer service practices that you find in every industry, not just your own. What are others doing that you could be doing? Is there something they are not offering that you could offer to differentiate your customer service?

6. Give your customer service employees input into the design of their work. Employee feedback is golden. After all, they’re the ones on the front lines.

7. Develop and refine your customer service standards and systems. Once you have great employees in place, support them by providing them with the tools they need to keep customers happy and coming back.