All-America Selections Launches New Website

All-America Selections Launches New Website

All-America Selections Logo

All-America Selections (AAS), a non-profit organization known for trialing and promoting garden-performing flowers and vegetables, announced their newly redesigned website is set to launch at the celebration of their 80th anniversary this year.


The revamped website sports a crisp, clean design to match their new logo and gives consumers, garden writers and other site visitors insight into what the AAS organization encompasses. Along with more AAS Winner images, the new AAS website features line drawings of some past AAS Winners that can be printed and used as coloring pages. These can be found in the “Image Center” under the file format of Coloring Pages.

Just like their sister organization National Garden Bureau’s website, the AAS site features a “My List” option where visitors can select their favorite AAS Winners and add them to a printable shopping list.

For garden centers, extension agents, public gardens and others, there are downloadable and printable signs, brochures and presentations in the “Signs and Brochures” section. These tools help retailers explain the AAS Trialing process as well as promote the AAS Winners to their customers.

Several new tools on the website promote social sharing: a tool bar at the bottom of the screen allows for easy social-sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg and more. The icons at the top of the main page make it easy to find All-America Selections on Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Delicious. When viewing individual winners on the AAS Winners page, visitors can easily share that variety on both Twitter and Facebook.

The site’s programmers also implemented a Google Maps feature to help visitors locate one of the nearly 200 AAS Display Gardens. The map pinpoints exactly where the Display Garden is located in North America.