Lowe’s Teams With Learn2Grow For Gardeners

Lowe’s Teams With Learn2Grow For Gardeners

Learn2Grow, an expert-driven social network gardening Web site, has partnered with Lowe’s to help consumer gardeners of all skill levels become more successful in their gardens, landscapes and homes.

Together, Learn2Grow and Lowe’s will offer quality content, projects, journals and how-to courses at www.learn2grow.com. They’ve also launched a garden design program that can help new or avid gardeners turn bare plots of ground into beautiful gardens.


“We are on course to have hundreds of landscape design plans for all types of gardens that will work in any region of the country,” says Michael Ferraro, president of Learn2Grow.

In addition, Learn2Grow has developed a plant database for consumers to find information on planting and caring for thousands of plants. Provided information includes where plants grow best, how to water and details about insects and disease that might affect growing success.

“Our goal here was simple,” Ferraro says. “To create the largest database of credible content and photos to support gardeners everywhere. What sets us apart from other community-submitted databases is that our data is verified by a staff of expert horticulturists prior to it being posted on the site ensure accuracy at all times.”

Learn2Grow and Lowe’s will expand and introduce new programs in the future, too. The two plan to develop personal gardening pages, blogs and videos that all gardeners can use.

“The tools we have now and those we are developing for the future will give the consumer gardener more knowledge and inspiration than ever before,” Ferraro says. “These tools, and this partnership with Lowe’s, will bring gardening to an entirely new level.”