New Consumer Website Makes Buying Roses Easier

www buyroses365A new website,, has been created as a resource tool for gardeners who are looking for a rose that fits their needs. This website is 100 percent consumer focused and will inspire confidence and promote rose gardening to the next generation of gardeners. Visitors will also find links to connect on social networks, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The website is promoting roses, not specific brands, and that is what makes it unique.


“We want to educate consumers and build awareness that roses can be grown and sold 365 days of the year,” says Layci Gragnani, ornamental marketing and sales director for Greenheart Farms. “There are hundreds of roses available on the market today, and it can be overwhelming.That’s why we designed a website that will simplify the rose category. Whether someone is looking for a yellow miniature rose or that dark red hybrid tea their grandmother had in her garden, we can help point them in the right direction.”

On the new website, users are able to search hundreds of roses by using their color and classification.

“Today’s consumer doesn’t always have time to walk around a garden center,” Gragnani says. “They want to do their research online, search on Pinterest for ideas, and easily find what they need. It’s all about convenience.”

The website is easily accessible on your tablet, desktop or cell phone. For more information about or Greenheart Farms, call (800) 549-5531.