NatureFresh Develops Innovative, Interactive Program For College Students Seeking Jobs

NatureFresh Develops Innovative, Interactive Program For College Students Seeking Jobs

NatureFresh Internship ProgramNatureFresh Farms is using the power of social media to launch a recruitment drive to support the company’s Greenhouse Education Center (GEC).

NatureFresh recently launched with its creative and digital partners to not only connect with college summer job seekers, but also to educate consumers about greenhouse-grown produce. The initiative is in support of this summer’s #GreenInTheCity Tour.


“Some may say that using social media is not unique; however, we are focusing our strategic geo-targeted recruitment efforts toward specific colleges and universities that offer agriculture, agri-science, agri-business, health, and food marketing programs,” says Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing at NatureFresh.

The recruitment drive is to attract college students looking for summer jobs in the industry to get real-life, hands-on, consumer-facing experiences. As members of the GEC team, students will get to travel throughout eastern North America, attending community events, schools, summer camps, and retail events. Team members will be equipped with the latest technology in smartphones, tablets, and video equipment to share their exploits on NatureFresh’s social media channels and new website/blog that will be launched later this spring.

The folks at NatureFresh say they see the new program as much more than an internship.

“We have the opportunity to further invest in our industry by attracting and retaining students who want to have a career in the produce industry. The Greenhouse Education Center is an impactful and game-changing tool that benefits the entire industry,” Veillon says.

“When companies like NatureFresh create platforms to bridge the gap between educational institutions and real-life work settings, it creates the opportunity to generate interest in our industry,” says Alicia Calhoun, Program Director. “Programs like these provide students with a chance to take their career plan for a test drive, and the industry gets the chance to gain access to bright, new talent.”

NatureFresh continues to create positive learning experiences in the community throughout the year at a grassroots level by conducting informational sessions at schools and community gatherings that are led by the company’s Chef and Sensory Education Coordinator, Henry Furtado. By involving students in the Greenhouse Education Center, NatureFresh is providing quality hands-on experiences to help them apply what they have learned in school to real-life customer interactions.

“The Greenhouse Education Center internship that NatureFresh is offering is a great way for local college students to help connect fresh produce with consumers in a variety of cities throughout North America this summer,” says Eric Richer, Ohio State University Extension, Agriculture & Natural Resources. “It seems to me that above and beyond educating about their company, the Greenhouse Education Center team will educate about the process of growing greenhouse vegetables and the value of those vegetables in our daily diet. This creates a direct connection between the product and its benefits.”

NatureFresh Farms expects to complete all of its hiring for the Greenhouse Education Center by the end of March.