OMRI Upgrades Its Review Process

OMRI Upgrades Its Review Process

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) recently made some important improvements to its standards and requirements, including new forms and checklists that will make the requirements clearer and easier for applicants to understand.

“Most changes are procedural and are intended to make the application process simpler,” says Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador, OMRI Review program manager. “However, for all products applying in the Crop Fertilizer and Soil amendment class, we will now require N-P-K lab results with every new product application.”


The lab results will allow OMRI to reduce other information requests that sometimes slow the review process.

OMRI has also implemented a new Generic Materials List that incorporates changes based on public comment and amendments to the National Organic Standards. The new Generic Materials List will be available for purchase starting in April, and an addendum describing the changes is available on the OMRI website under the Download Review Standards link. New application materials will be available beginning March 31.

Before submitting an application to OMRI for review, OMRI encourages applicants to obtain new forms and checklists under the Application Support menu. If you need help logging in to the OMRI website, visit the help page or contact OMRI at [email protected].