Perennial Combination Planters Sell


Perennial combinations, like these new releases from Kieft Seed, are an easy and beautiful option for consumers.

Corso’s Perennials, a member of the Lowe’s Growers Council for perennials for about five years, is a heavy supplier of Lowes’ perennial stock in the Ohio-Michigan region. Lowe’s counts on its vendors for new ways to expand its consumer base, and Corso’s pre-made, perennial combination planters are another way the operation has been contributing to the retailer’s growth.


Ranging in price from $24.98 to $49.98, these planters are a favorite among consumers because the work is already done for them.

Corso’s supplies about 15 different combinations each year. Shade begonias and grasses are the most popular this season.

“We try to use something for height, something for filler and something for spiller,” says Gus Corso, president of Corso’s Perennials. “We like to get three different elevations, different colors and textures, ornamental grasses and nice planters to create a quality product that someone can just buy and display.”

Coro says sometimes it’s tricky to get the right combination of three perennials together that will grow and bloom at the same time, but the end product is worth the effort.

And consumers would agree. Corso says each year planter sales increase, proving garden centers can appeal to the non-traditional gardener with the convenience of pre-made products.