Take A Peek At Bachman’s Idea House

Take A Peek At Bachman’s Idea House

Three times a year, the Minnesota regional chain Bachman’s decorates an old family home with the current season’s biggest trends. By using the garden store’s products, often in unexpected ways, the designers create excitement and drive slightly-off-season sales.

The spring 2016 Idea House focuses a couple different trends: using gray as a neutral with pops of color in each room; and layering materials in unexpected ways to create dimension. There are three primary colors the merchandising team uses as their accent colors to gray, coral, yellow, and aqua.


Watch for a follow-up interview with Karen Bachman, delving into how regional chain gets ready for the idea house, how the design team works coordinates with buyers on inventory, and exactly how the Idea House impacts sales and traffic throughout the year.

Check out the slideshow for a peek at what the spring 2016 Idea House looks like.