RISE Delivers Petition Urging President Obama To Protect Pollinators

RISE Delivers Petition Urging President Obama To Protect Pollinators

Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) delivered a pollinator petition to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, urging President Obama to create more habitat and forage areas for pollinators, and to consider all sources of information on, and contributors to the pollinator health issue. Nearly 600 citizens from across the U.S. signed the petition.

“Our petition shows President Obama that citizens want a balanced and substantive conversation to happen on the pollinator health issue,” says Aaron Hobbs, RISE president. “The pollinator issue is very complex and research points to multiple factors affecting pollinators, including pests and parasites, microbial diseases, nutrition problems, bee management practices and climate change.”


According to Hobbs, the petition highlights some of the steps the industry is taking to support pollinators. This includes creating pollinator-friendly habitats and forage areas through integrated vegetation management in utility rights-of-way and large tracts of land.

“We do applaud the White House for including in its Presidential Memorandum about pollinators a focus on more research, developing a public education plan and seeking ways to increase and improve pollinator habitat,” says Hobbs. “However, in order to have a meaningful contribution to pollinator health, balanced conversations need to continue.”

RISE’s petition emphasizes an array of factors affecting bee health. Click here to read and sign the petition.