Rocket Farms Gifts Flowers For Oscar VIPs

Rocket Farms Gifts Flowers For Oscar VIPs

GROW Rocket Farms Oscars orchid

A Rocket Farms orchid in custom Oscars packaging.

Rocket Farms recently had a rare opportunity to be involved with a VIP gifting suite that was one of the pre-party events for this year’s Academy Awards.


The grower was the exclusive flower provider for the event, and 22 of its orchid arrangements were used throughout the venue to decorate. The grower also gifted 160 orchids for nominees, celebrities and the press in customized Rocket Farms/Oscars packaging.

“Three Rocket Farms representatives were at the venue and were able to romance our products with celebrities and media,” says Jason Kamimoto, vice president of marketing for Rocket Farms.

It was the first time Rocket Farms provided flowers for such an event.

“We decided that this was the type of event that fit our Rocket Farms brand and took advantage of a few connections we had from prior events,” says Kamimoto. “The orchid is one of our flagship crops, and we believed it was the perfect product for this high-profile event.”

Between all of the decor, and people walking around the event with orchids in hand, Kamimoto says the experience created an overwhelming amount of interest and buzz for Rocket Farms.

“It was wonderful to see everyone so excited about Rocket Farms orchids,” he says. “People loved the array of orchid colors and genuinely were surprised and excited at how easy our orchids are to care for.”

Having an active role in the Oscars helped Rocket Farms with brand exposure and promoting Rocket Farms’ message that its products enhance the quality of life, Kamimoto says.

The experience also raised awareness of the simplicity, beauty and ease of care for our Rocket Farms orchids, he says.

While nothing similar has been planned for next year’s Oscars, Kamimoto says Rocket Farms is capitalizing on the contacts and interests it garnered this year and considering what it may do next year to keep things new and surprising.