Smartpot Uses Sensors And Cartridges To Ensure Success In Growing

Smartpot Uses Sensors And Cartridges To Ensure Success In Growing

Smart Herb GardenClick & Grow helps make it simple for consumers to grow their own herbs and spices at home, even if they have little experience with plants.

Click & Grow was started in 2009 with the development of Smart Soil, “the backbone of the Click & Grow Technology,” according to the company’s website ( The growth medium is engineered to ensure that the rootzone has superior aeration, pH levels and fertilization at all times.


In 2011, the company launched the Smartpot, followed by the Smart Herb Garden in 2014, which came to life after the company was able to raise $625,000 through Kickstarter ( to fund the development.
With the Smart Herb Garden, you can grow basil, thyme or other herbs at home while the smart device keeps track of conditions and ensures that the plants have enough water, nutrients and light. Plug it into the wall, add water and the sensors and software do the rest of the work.

Each Smart Herb Garden comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm. Refill cartridges are available for those herbs, plus chili peppers, mini tomatoes and salad rocket.

The company worked with LED technologists to develop a natural-looking light system that provides plants with enough light using six watts of energy. That means the electricity bill for running the Smart Herb Garden is approximately $4 to $5 per year.

The Smart Herb Garden starts at just under $100, with refill cartridges costing around $7 to $10 each.

Smartpots, which just need to be plugged in and given water about once per month, start at just under $80 and have a variety of refill options available, including painted nettle and cockscomb. Refills cost about $20.
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