Smith Gardens Suffers Tornado Damage, Still Plans to Ship All Orders

Smith Gardens Tornado DamageSmith Gardens, Inc. continues to recover from a tornado that caused major damage on Oct. 12 at its greenhouse growing facility in Aurora, OR. Most of the damage was structural, according to a report from Digger Magazine, the publication of the Oregon Association of Nurseries. Less than 2% of crops were lost, and no one at the nursery was injured. Although there is a lot of cleanup work still ahead, the company expects to be able to ship all its orders.

“Seven of the 14 glass greenhouses sustained damage,” says Wes Bailey, General Manager of the location. “We are still getting a count of all the glass that needs to be replaced. So far, we have identified more than 3,500 pieces of glass from the roofs and sidewalls that need to be replaced. Structural damage was found in at least three houses, and our shade structure in the field was twisted up into a pretzel.”


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