Download: 2013 State Of The Industry Report

Download: 2013 State Of The Industry Report

Percentages Of State Of The Industry Survey Respondents Growing Produce

If the past few years have been especially rough for greenhouse growers, 2012 showed a slight improvement in sales and production.


An encouraging number of respondents said their 2012 sales volume had increased from 2011 levels, with nearly 17 percent saying sales had grown more than 10 percent. Close to 25 percent say sales were up less than five percent, and 23.2 percent experienced increases between 5 and 10 percent. Nearly 40 percent of respondents plan to keep production levels the same in 2013, and 30.8 percent plan to grow more plants — with 11.7 percent intending to increase production more than 10 percent.

Want to learn more? The whitepaper offers more statistics, insights and essay answers from growers who took the survey.

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