The Art Of Selling: The Role The Seller Plays

The Art Of Selling: The Role The Seller Plays

Selling  is an art backed by scientific research on consumer emotions. To become a professional seller, it is critical to understand your role in the process, and then become an expert on how the customer makes the buying decision.

This month we will discuss the roles the seller plays. These include Trusted Advisor, Resource Allocator and Relationship Developer. It is not that difficult to fast-talk a customer into buying your products in the short term, but the best sales programs are geared to developing long-term and enduring relationships.


A professional sales person is a Trusted Advisor to his customers and continually discovers their needs and provides solutions. In this role, the sales person is always looking for ways the customer can be more competitive. The advisor does not think about his sales quotas but focuses solely on helping customers achieve their goals.
Real sales pros understand how to use their products and services and are excellent Resource Allocators. They know how to leverage their capabilities into skillful demonstrations of how their company can provide solutions that are matched to the customers’ needs.

The seller must also be especially good at being a Relationship Developer. This is accomplished by continually maintaining contact and providing successful solutions that enhance the customer’s competitive position.

Selling is all about the customer. Salespeople who understand that fact are the most successful, while those focused on their needs and the needs of their company are becoming more vulnerable. If you help your customers succeed, there are plenty of rewards.

Next month we will focus on the specifics in building long-term enduring relationships. Let’s not forget that selling is an honorable profession for those who follow the above principles.