The Greenhouse Grower List Of 15 Apps For 2015 [Slideshow]

The Greenhouse Grower List Of 15 Apps For 2015 [Slideshow]

Let’s face it. We’re busy. We’re mobile. And we love our technology, especially when it fits in the palm of our hand.

With more than 1.4 million Android apps available ( and with iOS applications close behind at 1.2 million (, it’s no surprise there is an app for everything from what to serve for dinner to one that allows you to trick the gullible into believing you have a portable heater in your pocket (check out Pocket Heat on iTunes). So we knew there had to be something out there for greenhouse growers.


We scoured the app stores — and guess what? If you are looking to identify a pest, there’s an app for that. Need current PGR rates? There’s an app for that. For those who want to garden socially, there’s an app for that, too. So in honor of the New Year, here’s a list of 15 apps that might be worth a download in 2015, and a couple extras just for fun (listed in no particular order).

Did we miss your favorite app? Let us know about others that aren’t on this list in the comments below.