The High-Tech Future Of The Greenhouse Grower

The High-Tech Future Of The Greenhouse Grower

The success of your greenhouse business over the next 30 years will require developments in multiple segments of the operation. For Greenhouse Grower’s 30th anniversary look at the future, we spoke to experts in a number of different areas, including Charles Grinnell, Harvest Automation (robotics); Gary Falkenstein, ePlantSource (web technology) and Paul Pilon, Perennial Solutions Consulting (production technology) to get their opinions on what new opportunities may be in the pipeline for greenhouse growers, as well as some that may already be available.



Greenhouse Robotics Will Lead To Plant Quality And Yield Improvements

Tools from other industries — processors, cameras and batteries — are driving robotics for moving plants in the greenhouse. But as the technology develops, more complex tasks like trimming or applying chemicals to individual plants as needed could be a reality, says Harvest Automation’s Charles Grinnell.


Cloud Computing Is The Next Step For Greenhouse Hardware And Software Systems

Developments in production technology have had an obvious impact in the greenhouse, but according to Gary Falkenstein of ePlantSource, advances in software tools will be the next big leap for growers and their businesses.


Softer Chemistries And Biocontrols Are The Future Of Greenhouse Pest Control

Advances in new technologies that work with existing products are coming all the time — but Perennial Solutions Consulting’s Paul Pilon says more education is needed, both for growers and for consumers.