The Power Of One — Multiplied: What Do You Bring To The Greenhouse Industry? [Opinion]

The Power Of One — Multiplied: What Do You Bring To The Greenhouse Industry? [Opinion]

The power of one. The concept isn’t unfamiliar. One person makes a difference, starts a crusade and dares to dream. Then, several others join that one person with an indomitable spirit, who is committed to and passionate about a cause. Each person comes with his or her own special skill-set and is equally passionate and committed to the same worthy cause. Soon you have a powerful team, making individual efforts directed toward a common goal — ordinary people doing something extraordinary.

Commit To Your Team’s Success


During the past month, I observed this repeatedly. There were the finalists I interviewed for the Operation of the Year award. As I came to know them better, they expressed appreciation for the hard work their employees put in to make them what they are today. I talked to people at those operations who are passionate about what they do, nearly zealous, but downright committed to their teams’ success.

Like the employees at Henry Mast Greenhouse/Masterpiece Flower Company, the 2014 Operation of the Year, whose owners say are largely responsible for the company’s growth. Read more about how the company builds partnerships that last.

At Cultivate’14, Dr. Raymond Cloyd of Kansas State University spoke at Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers Breakfast about the need for more hands and funds to thoroughly research neonicotinoid and pollinator issues. Joe Bischoff talked about AmericanHort’s efforts to raise the needed funds. RISE’s Karen Reardon discussed the organization’s efforts to assist growers and educate consumers, and Dr. Bridget Behe spoke about research on consumer reactions to pesticide use. Gary Magnum of Bell Nursery shared his experiences growing without neonicotinoids this spring. Don’t miss his Talking Shop column and look for complete coverage of the Top 100 Grower breakfast discussion in our October issue.

Be Exceptional In Your Own Way

Finally came the Evening of Excellence. The room was filled with hundreds of people who were exceptional in their own right because they work hard, individually and collectively, and strive for excellence every day. Ivan Tchakarov, 2014 Head Grower of the Year, spoke of those he called on for advice and of the mentor/grower who taught him how to do things right. Read more about Tchakarov’s accomplishments and enthusiasm for leadership here.

The same night, Jason Jandrew and Lisa Lacy of PanAmerican Seed talked about the many people it took to bring calibrachoa Kabloom, winner of Industry’s Choice and Reader’s Choice awards, to fruition.

The next day, as I listened to commingled voices on the trade show floor, it struck me. Cultivate is the culmination of hundreds of individual efforts coming together for a common cause — to grow the industry. From the breeder on down to the person who moves the final product off the store shelf and into the hands of the consumer, you make a difference. You are part of an industry that brings value to people’s lives.

Work Hard To Make A Difference

In the September issue, you will be reading about people who are working hard to make a difference. As you look over the Cultivate’14 and Evening of Excellence coverage, I hope you will ponder what skill set you bring to the table and resolve to keep adding your efforts to those of others in our industry. Be the power of one — multiplied.