Three Grower Partners Join HGTV HOME Plant Collection Team

Three Grower Partners Join HGTV HOME Plant Collection Team

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection announces three new grower partners for its Smart & Stylish shrub line: Imperial Nurseries, Northern Christmas Trees & Nursery (NCTN) and Van Essen Nursery. These well-established growers — located in Connecticut, Wisconsin and Oregon, respectively — were chosen based on their excellent nationwide distribution network and their ability to grow under diverse zonal conditions.

 “We recognize the value of marketing a well-known brand, and believe it will be a successful addition to our branded products line,” says Greg Schaan, president of Imperial Nurseries. “Awareness of the HGTV brand is very high among consumers. This brand will drive traffic to our independent garden centers, connect with the millennial audience and help our retailers to improve their businesses.”


The Smart & Stylish shrub line currently features 14 exclusive ornamental shrubs from Ball Ornamentals. Imperial, NCTN and Van Essen already have critical experience growing new plant varieties and working with other national branded plant programs, making them a great fit for the HGTV HOME Plant Collection.

 “Partnering with HGTV is an easy decision for us,” says Ken McVicker, sales manager of Van Essen Nurseries. “We recognize the HGTV brand as established with a proven track record. The addition of plants to the HGTV HOME line of products makes perfect sense for consumers. It creates the connection we were looking for to help our retailers reach a new generation of brand-centric, media-savvy consumers.”  

The debut collection of Smart & Stylish shrubs was developed by Agricola Management Group in conjunction with HGTV. Plants will be available spring 2013 in select independent garden centers nationwide as part of a soft-launch rollout. This compliments the full Expressions annuals rollout for 2013. 

“Our collection is a collaborative effort between Agricola, HGTV and our grower network, and it provides consumers with solid ornamental shrub choices supported by expert HGTV know how, which gives consumers the guidance they expect from the most trusted brand in home and garden,” says Randy Hunter, managing partner of Agricola Management Group.