Top 5 Stories From 2014

Top 5 Stories From 2014

Here are our most-read stories from the past year.

1. Impatiens walleriana Makes Possible Comeback In 2014 Season
Despite efforts to thwart downy mildew, growers, researchers and landscape experts predicted a continued impact on Impatiens walleriana supply issues for the 2014 season.


2. What Bell Nursery Learned From Growing Without Neonicotinoids
Determined to find out firsthand what a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides would mean for growers, Bell Nursery CEO Gary Mangum challenged his team to grow without them. Read to find out about the lessons he learned.

3. New Greenhouse Operations Born From Color Star Growers’ Bankruptcy
When Color Star Growers, the ninth largest greenhouse grower in the country, declared bankruptcy in December 2013, the sale of its greenhouse facilities provided growth opportunities for new and existing businesses.

4.‘Starlight Avatar,’ The World’s First Light-Producing Plant, To Be Auctioned By Bioglow
The light-producing plant was only available in a limited quantity of 20 plants, which were auctioned off to the public via the Bioglow website.

5. Dümmen Reports Incidences Of TMV In Petunia Cuttings From El Salvador Operation
Growers who have received Red Fox brand petunia cuttings from the Dümmen Group’s Las Mercedes, El Salvador stock plant facility were advised to inspect unrooted petunia cuttings and plants for any symptoms of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV).