Vineland Research Centre Highlights Latest Greenhouse Research in New Report

Vineland Research Centre Highlights Latest Greenhouse Research in New Report

Chinook Sunrise Rose at Vineland

Chinook Sunrise Rose

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario, Canada, is a hotbed of new research in many segments of agriculture, including greenhouse production. Recently, the Centre released its latest Innovations Report, an annual publication that highlights some of the major projects taking place at the Centre.


Here’s a quick look at some of the report details that should be of interest to greenhouse growers. To download a complete version of the report, go to

• A chat with Vineland CEO Jim Brandle, who looks back at 10 years of innovation and expansion at the Centre, including the development of the new Collaborative Greenhouse Technology Centre, one of the largest pre-commercial scale horticulture research greenhouse in North America. At 1 acre under glass, it’s a testament to the tenacity of Vineland’s leadership and researchers dedicated to fostering industry collaboration on innovation and commercialization.

• A look at Vineland’s world crops program, which is bringing okra and Asian and Indian eggplant to local growers and inspiring new research aimed at ethnocultural potted plants and flowers, such as jasmine and lotus. Producing potted jasmine in Canada provides a new opportunity for Ontario’s greenhouse flower growers who have lost cut flower market share to imports, says Alexandra Grygorczyk, a research scientist at Vineland and project lead.
“Our growers can compete within the potted plant market more effectively since countries exporting to Canada have a difficult time getting their potted plants across the border.”

• A profile of Platform Genetics Inc., the latest endeavor to set up shop on the research Centre campus. It’s also Vineland’s first spin-off business, offering private enterprises, including breeding companies, the chance to tap into its reverse genetics expertise and technology to improve crops. Vineland has been using its patented Deep Variant Scanning technology in several of its own breeding programs, including those focused on developing flavor in greenhouse tomatoes, and disease resistance in other crops.

• A closer look at Chinook Sunrise, a rose that can stand up to the cold of Canadian winters. Chinook Sunrise is the newest bloom in Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection. The coral-colored blossom succeeds Canadian Shield, the first release in the made-in-Canada line of garden and landscape roses.

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