Where to Find Solutions to the Biggest Problems in Your Greenhouse

Seminar session during Growing Innovations 2018

High-energy keynotes and seminars are hallmarks of Growing Innovations.
Photo by David Eddy

As a greenhouse grower in 2019, the challenges you’re facing feel more pressing than ever. Access to affordable labor. Margin-squeezing market pressures. Justifying the expense of new technology. Whatever the problem, you need real, innovative, actionable solutions. That’s what Growing Innovations is all about.


Back for a second year in Las Vegas, Nov. 13-14, 2019, Growing Innovations is an event where every element of the conference program and every company and product on the expo floor has been vetted to offer grower-tested solutions to the real challenges you deal with every day. You can read more about our agenda and expert roster of speakers at GrowingInnovations.com. Here are just a few of the sessions that will inspire you to consider new approaches and help you run your operation more efficiently and effectively next season.

Artificial Intelligence in the Greenhouse | Rodney Bierhuizen, Sunrise Greenhouses

The greenhouse has long been a progressive production environment for technology adoption, so it’s no surprise that it’s also been among the first segments of specialty crops to incorporate artificial intelligence tools. While handing over the controls to a computer might seem nerve-wracking, you’ll hear from a greenhouse grower who’s having real success with AI — and thinks you should be looking seriously at this emerging technology and its potential to help your operation, too.

Data, Tools, and the Specialty Crop Grower: Convergence on the Farm | Robert Saik, Saik Management Group

Today’s farm requires three streams of data: Management/financial data for the grower, transparency/proof data for the consumer, and sustainability Index data for the bigger picture. How all this data connects — and what you do with it — are becoming the defining measure of your farming business. You’ll learn about the technologies that are tackling grower issues right now, and leave you inspired by the present, and the possibilities, on your path to adoption.

New Uses for Drone Technology in Specialty Crops | Max Jehle, MAX Agricultural Consultants and Matt Koball, Oobus Orchards

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, have been one of the most visible symbols of precision technology, first in row crops, and now in specialty crops. But applications aren’t limited to field flyovers and sensing imagery. From the labor-saving application of biological control agents to timely pollen delivery during bloom, growers are using drone technology to solve some of their biggest production problems in previously unimagined ways.

Robotics and Autonomous Equipment | Mike Goyette, Pleasant View Gardens; Gary Thompson, GUSS Automation, Connor Kingman, Kingman Ag Services

Long anticipated (and long promised) as the technology that would solve the farm labor crisis for produce growers, robotics and other autonomous equipment are making their way into orchards, fields, and greenhouses in 2019. This panel discussion will take a look at what’s happening in the field, and the challenges and possibilities of limiting, or even removing, human hands from planting, production, and harvest.

How Am I Going to Pay for All This Technology? | Ted Sheely, AzCal Management; Afshin Doust, Advanced Intelligent Systems

There’s a virtually unlimited amount of new technology and services available to progressive growers, and more coming every month. But there’s only so much the typical grower can afford to take on in a given year. You’ll hear about some of the innovative ways technology suppliers are making their products available to growers, and how it might be more affordable than you think to add new tools in your operation