Why You Might Need An Employee Handbook For Your Greenhouse

Why You Might Need An Employee Handbook For Your Greenhouse

Michigan State University Employee HandbookEmployee handbooks are not just for big greenhouse operations or nurseries that employ large numbers of workers. They are an important human resources management tool that all farms should have. According to Tom Dudek, Senior Educator at Michigan State University Extension, they can help you avoid conflicts and potential lawsuits that result from poor communication, as well as help you and your employees remember promises that were agreed upon during the hiring and employment period.

Michigan State University Extension has developed a Farm Employee Handbook template that can be downloaded and modified for any greenhouse or nursery business. It is general enough that it contains all the needs for an operation that is employing hundreds of workers, all the way down to a workforce of five.


To learn more about the Farm Employee Handbook, including how to download and customize it for your greenhouse, check out this article from Michigan State University.

“I am confident those greenhouses and nurseries that develop their own farm employee handbook will be happy they did so when sticky issues comes up, and they can refer to their copy to help them resolve a human resource problem,” Dudek says.