3 Products To Improve Irrigation Efficiency

Nelson Irrigation S5 Micro Spinner

Nelson Irrigation S5 Micro Spinner

From sprinklers to fertigation to mats, these offerings from leading irrigation companies are designed to help growers reduce water use.


Nelson Develops Sprinklers For Small Beds

“Many of the growers I talk to are most interested in high uniformity and reliability,” says Steve McKoon of Nelson Irrigation. “I see many nurseries still converting over from impact sprinklers in greenhouse and shade structures,” he says.

Nelson’s S10 and R10TG provide important differences in stream and droplet styles that growers can use to their advantage when irrigating fragile plants or heavy-leafed woody plants,” says McKoon. “Tim and I have shot some very helpful video of the streams in both upright and inverted.” To see the videos, go to YouTube and search for “Nelson Irrigation.”

Nelson is also expanding its line of Rotator and Spinner sprinklers to address smaller beds with the S5 Micro-Spinner, as well as other advancements in automation, control valves, pressure regulation, and a variety of stream and droplet styles to give growers the tools they need to produce uniform products for their customers.

Dosatron High Flow Series

Dosatron High Flow Series

Dosatron Offers High Flow Series

According to Lela Kelly, Horticulture Specialist at Dosatron International, more and more growers are looking for larger water flow rates, whether it’s for food crops or container production.

The latest addition to the Dosatron line of fertilizer and chemical injectors is the new High Flow Series. These new models, says Kelly, have a high water flow capacity of 132 gallons per minute. The fertigation model will inject soluble fertilizer, while the low injection rate model is for direct injection of water treatment chemicals.

“The Dosatron High Flow Series model is one in a line of high water flow models that are being developed,” says Kelly. “These models will address the need for higher water flow rates.”

Aquamat Capillary Irrigation Mat

Aquamat Capillary Irrigation Mat

New Capillary Irrigation Mat

Growers and retailers are constantly looking for labor savings, water savings, and ways to reduce shrinkage, says Daniel Nadeau, an agronomist at Aquamat, a division of Soleno Textiles.

The Aquamat patented system is a capillary irrigation mat that has been specially designed for the cultivation of plants in containers. Compared to some overhead irrigation systems, where 80% of the water is quickly drained or falls between the pots, Nadeau says Aquamat captures the water and stores it inside the mat.

“It produces beneficial impacts on the natural environment as well as optimizing overall operational performance,” Nadeau says. “We also continue to work on new products to help growers and retailers improve their bottom line.”