9 Sustainable Growing Media Products For Superior Greenhouse Crops

9 Sustainable Growing Media Products For Superior Greenhouse Crops

Manufacturers are delivering new growing media products to help growers attempt to minimize their footprint without sacrificing quality. Here are nine new products to consider for your greenhouse operation.


BM4 NF Wood (Berger)

The most ecological product in the BM Series, this general-purpose mix uses all-organic wood fiber as an alternative aggregate. Because the mix is made from a by-product of the lumber industry, it is a local, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aggregates like perlite and vermiculite. BM4 NF Wood is comprised of coarse peat moss, NF-Wood fiber, dolomitic limestone, calcitic limestone, and a non-ionic wetting agent. This mix is ideal for providing an optimal root-growing environment.

TH-KC-20 Mix (Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss)

Comprised primarily of extra coarse Canadian sphagnum peat moss, the TH-KC-20 mix also includes basic washed coco peat, dolomitic lime, calcitic lime, starter-fertilizer charge, and a non-ionic wetting agent. In development for the past few years, the TH-KC-20 maintains moisture much better than traditional perlite mixes.

Stockosorb (Evonik)

Stockosorb helps plants thrive by using advanced hydrogel technology to deliver nutrient-rich water to the plant root zone when it matters most. Whether the plants receive insufficient rainfall during production or inconsistent watering at retail, growers can rest assured their crops will thrive with consistent soil moisture and nutrient availability. Stockosorb is incorporated into soil mixes, maximizing the yield potential of the soils and substrates.

Blended Growing Media Formulations (PittMoss)

A basic material for growing substrates, PittMoss is an engineered fiber composed of recycled newspaper and other natural materials. The method by which the material is processed improves its ability to hold air and water. When blended with soil substrates, PittMoss can optimize plant growth. It’s also an ideal material for meeting the end customer’s increasing demands for organic growing.

LM-Bark #1 (Lambert Peat Moss)

A blend of coarse Canadian sphagnum peat moss, EcoPeat and white pine bark, this media is best used in large containers, perennials, and nursery crops. The LM-Bark #1 mix increases pot stability and reduces overhead irrigation because of its high drainage and medium water-retention properties. As with all Lambert Peat Moss blends that use EcoPeat, the peat screening by-product is a sustainable practice that prolongs the longevity of a peat bog and the environment. Eco-focused growers will appreciate Lambert’s dedication to recycling peat bogs.

Rice Hull Media Amendment (PBH Nature)

This uniquely processed rice hull amendment replaces perlite in greenhouse growing media. Not only is it available at a lower price point than traditional perlite mixes, the rice hulls offer optimum air-filled pore space, water-holding capacity, and bulk density. Sustainability is another advantage, as there is less dust when mixing the amendment, and it comes in highly compressed packaging. The product can also be used as a topdress for weed control.

RESiLIENCE Mixes (Sun Gro Horticulture)

The newest product line in the company’s standard formulations and natural and organic products, the RESiLIENCE (RSi) mixes now come standard in all professional and consumer mixes. RSi mixes feature a patented process of incorporating plant-available silicon into the growing media. Key results from research at Sun Gro and other academic and government agencies show there are benefits to combining silicon and growing mixes. In addition to a potential for improved root development, better branching, and thicker stems, the mixes could also positively impact the plant’s tolerance for drought and some diseases and insects.

Agro Mix Line (Fafard et Frères)

From annuals and hanging baskets to perennials and outdoor containers, the Agro Mix line has a number of peat and perlite products to meet any crop’s needs. Organic germinating mixes help growers give plug and cuttings a healthy start. This line of products is designed to enhance productivity through exceptional performance, and the company is constantly optimizing its mixes with improved ingredients and processes.

Pro-Mix CC40 Mycorrhizae (Premier Tech Horticulture)

This peat/chunk coir is an ideal choice for growing medium for large planters and perennials. The mix’s mycorrhizae offers a natural alternative for enhancing plant growth by improving nutrient uptake, plant health, and suppression of root diseases in the greenhouse. Growers can count on the product to carry these benefits to the retail consumer, too. Because the additive reduces plant stress, growers can use fewer chemicals and limit worker exposure to harmful fumes.