BASF’s Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide Registration Approved In California

BASF’s Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide Registration Approved In California

The state of California has approved the supplemental label registration of Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide for use on greenhouse-grown tomatoes.

The fungicide is registered for disease control in the commercial production of greenhouse-grown tomatoes and tomato transplants for the home consumer market. Pageant Intrinsic is recognized by growers of greenhouse and nursery ornamental crops for its strength to control the broadest range of plant diseases.


Commercial growers of greenhouse-grown tomatoes now have a tool to control Botrytis gray mold (Botrytis cinerea), a main cause of postharvest rot of fresh market tomatoes. In greenhouse-grown tomatoes, the disease can also promote stem wounds where support mechanisms like wire and string rub against the plant.

For commercial growers of tomato transplants destined for the home consumer market, crops in greenhouses, lathhouses or other production structures can be treated preventatively with Pageant Intrinsic. Applied as a broadcast or directed spray, the fungicide effectively controls damping off diseases such as rhizoctonia and pythium, a major cause of early plant losses. Other important plant pathogens that are controlled include crown and stem rots, powdery mildews, phytophthoras and leaf spots, which can cause stem girdling, poor root development, lower transplant survivability or total plant loss. If uncontrolled, disease progression quickly impacts the overall plant quality and marketability of the tomato transplant to the home consumer.

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