Biocontrol And Pesticide Compatibility Resources

Biocontrol And Pesticide Compatibility Resources

There are a number of resources to help you find compatible pesticides for your biocontrol program.

• See Pesticide Side Effects Lists at and, or download Syngenta’s Integrated Crop Management chart.


• For beneficial nematode compatibility, use the Becker Underwood Compatibility Chart to learn how harmful a given pesticide may be to a given beneficial and how long any residues will remain toxic.

• Biobest provides a Side Effects app for iPhone or Android.

For best results using pesticides in a biocontrol program, use spot sprays rather than widespread applications. Some growers start out with beneficials, then clean up any remaining pests with sprays before sale. Some use biocontrol on stock plants and pesticides on finished plants. Often the pests are less resistant to pesticides if they have not been sprayed while on stock plants. Be aware that pesticide residues on incoming cuttings may be toxic to beneficials.