EPA Registration Granted To Stockton’s Timorex Gold Biofungicide

EPA Registration Granted To Stockton’s Timorex Gold Biofungicide

Stockton Israel announced today that its flagship product, Timorex Gold, has received U.S. registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Timorex Gold is a natural, broad spectrum fungicide, which allows farmers to have a useful new tool for disease control in organic and conventional crops.

Timorex Gold is a proprietary, multi-component, natural fungicide based on a plant extract of the Melaleuca alternifolia. The product is registered and approved for use in organic and conventional agriculture in more than 25 countries in the world, including most countries in Central and South America, Australia, Philippines, Serbia, Canada and now in the USA.


“Timorex Gold provides consistent efficacy in a variety of diseases and enables food to be produced with greater efficiency and safety than ever before,” says Stockton’s EVP of Strategy Commerce and Business Development Guy Cooper.

”Timorex Gold can be used either in rotation or in a tank-mix and improves the effectiveness of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) spray programs. It provides growers with an exciting new non-residue tool, which reduces chemical loads and is better for the environment. Its unique multisite mode of action is also a valuable tool in the constant fight against resistance buildup.”

Timorex Gold is easy to handle, reduces risk to workers consumers and non-target pests and leaves no residues. It may be applied along the growing season of many crops and will provide control of a variety of diseases.

“The acceptance of the EPA in the U.S. market is a huge milestone for us,” says Ziv Tirosh, CEO of Stockton.

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Source: Stockton Group