Hurricane Fungicide Reformulated

Hurricane Fungicide Reformulated

Hurricane WDG fungicide

Syngenta’s Hurricane WP fungicide has been reformulated from a wettable powder in a water soluble bag to a new water dispersible granule formulation known as Hurricane WDG fungicide. Hurricane WDG will replace the Hurricane WP currently on the market.


“The new Hurricane WDG formulation provides ornamental growers with the same broad-spectrum protection, but now it’s easier to mix and measure,” says Scott Lawson, marketing manager for Syngenta. “The new convenient packaging has been tailored to accommodate growers’ diverse application needs, to ensure they receive the best root and stem protection to deliver the highest-quality plants.”  

Now available in 8-ounce containers, Hurricane WDG allows growers to easily measure, mix and apply the fungicide to control major stem and root diseases. The new formulation is virtually dustless and quickly dissolves into a solution to save growers time. This improved formulation, along with the excellent broad-spectrum disease control, will make Hurricane WDG even more popular among ornamental growers, who agree that controlling soil-borne diseases is a top priority.

“Hurricane WDG delivers protection against the major stem and root diseases affecting ornamentals caused by pythium, phytophthora rhizoctonia, fusarium, thielaviopsis, sclerotium and Cylindrocladium spp.,” says Nancy Rechcigl, field technical manager for Syngenta. “With multiple modes of action, it works effectively through both contact and systemic activity to protect against diseases that can compromise the growth and quality of your crop.”

Hurricane WDG also works well in a preventive disease management program and can be used in rotation with other fungicides to complement different modes of action.

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