New Fertilizers For 2014

New Fertilizers For 2014

Everris Liquid S.T.E.M.New fertilizer products not only deliver optimum nutrition, they also provide for easier application and increased efficiency.

Check out these new products to help your operation produce a healthy crop in 2014.



BioSafe Plant Food
BioSafe Plant Food is made of a blend of oilseed extract derived from plants, for plants. It is easy to absorb and metabolize, and provides nutrition that helps plants grow stronger roots, greener foliage and more blooms.

Coast of Maine Organic Lobster And Kelp Plant Food
To complement its Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost, Coast of Maine launched its new, super premium, granulated, organic-approved fertilizer. It is made with lobster, crab, fish and kelp meal, plus worm castings and other natural ingredients. The fertilizer will supercharge the biological activity of the compost, giving vegetable gardens a high-calorie energy boost. It is also high in calcium (6 percent) to help boost plant vigor and immunity.

Everris Osmocote Bloom
A fifth of the size of a standard prill, Osmocote Bloom from Everris provides a more uniform and even distribution of nutrition in smaller containers, optimizing plant utilization. With Osmocote Bloom, plants with a production time of six to 12 weeks receive all of the nutrition they need.

Masterblend Premium Fertilizers
Masterblend develops custom, premium fertilizer blends to help today’s grower meet their unique challenges. High-quality ingredients and micronutrients are used for Masterblend premium fertilizers to ensure balanced nutrition, optimal growth, maximum resistance to disease and growing success.

Direct Solutions Sanctuary Products
Sanctuary products from Direct Solutions combine Agrium Technology with natural-based ingredients to deliver a ‘Biological Innovative Nutrient Delivery System.’ The combination provides a multitude of agronomic benefits for all types of horticultural applications. Sanctuary products are manure and bio-solid free, homogenous products enhanced with beneficial bacteria, plus endo-ecto mycorrhizae.
The Sanctuary 11-21-21 CRN + Probiotics is a water-soluble organic hybrid product that combines nutrients, beneficial bacteria and soil nutrition.
The Sanctuary 3-0-20 + Probiotics is an all-purpose nutrient product with bacteria and Trichoderma in a water soluble formulation. It contains a wide range of beneficial bacteria to address soil-related problems.

Both products can be sprayed to reduce stress, enhance color and aid with disease management, or, they can be injected to enhance rooting. They are biological tools for use in landscape, nursery or greenhouse applications.

Dyna Green Professional Turf Fertilizers With Fertil Blend
Dyna Green Professional Turf fertilizers are formulated exclusively for the Midwest to provide the best results considering the soil, turf types and extreme weather conditions. All formulations are available with Fertil Blend, which significantly increases fertilizer efficacy, nutrient availability and uptake, as well as improved root depth and mass.

Crabgrass Preventer 15-0-5 with 0.086 percent Dimension & Fertil Blend provides pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of crabgrass and can therefore be applied later in the season than other crabgrass preventers.

Long Lasting 23-0-8 with 50 percent UMAXX & Fertil Blend delivers extended brilliant color from UMAXX stabilized nitrogen and Fertil Blend microbial soil inoculants. It provides 12 to 16 weeks of consistent nitrogen feeding, resulting in fewer applications while still maintaining maximum turf color and vigor.

Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic
Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic is a new addition to Ball DPF, LLC’s line of plant nutrition products. It is a complex of beneficial microorganisms that promote the establishment and enhance the growth of greenhouse and nursery crops, landscape plants and agricultural crops, in all types of soils and growing media.

It can be sprayed on plants and foliage or injected through an irrigation system. The soil microbes help decompose organic matter and improve soil structure. They also form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping plants absorb more nutrients, resist stress and grow healthier.
It is a complementary product to Nature’s Source Plant Food, and is available in 5-lb. (2.27 KG) and 25-lb. (11.34 KG) containers.

Proven Winners Professional Greenhouse Water Soluble Fertilizers
Professional Greenhouse Water Soluble Fertilizers are designed to improve pH management and minimize problems due to high pH levels. Proven Winners has developed four specific formulations to work at different water alkalinity ranges in order to help minimize pH-related problems. There are also products for cold weather growing, as well as a greening formula. The six fertilizer products can be used with all irrigation systems:

•14-3-14 + Minors Low Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
•16-4-16 + Minors Moderate Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
•18-5-18 + Minors Moderately High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
•17-4-17 + Minors High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA
•12-3-12 + Minors Cold Weather Formula with FeEDDHA (contains high levels of nitrate nitrogen for cold weather conditions)
•16-4-8 + Minors Greening/pH Reducing Formula with FeEDDHA (a tool to correct increases in pH and quickly green up a crop)
Each product contains 100 percent FeEDDHA as its source of iron. Proven Winners will recommend one of the formulations based on a review of a recent water test from your greenhouse or nursery.

Everris Liquid S.T.E.M.
Everris’ Liquid S.T.E.M. (soluble trace element mix) provides the industry’s standard micronutrient supplement for the last 50 years, now in a convenient, ready-to-mix liquid formulation. Liquid S.T.E.M. goes from the jug to the tank in one step with no solubility issues.