Two BioSafe Systems Products Proven To Reduce Fusarium

Two BioSafe Systems Products Proven To Reduce Fusarium

Product Shot-ZeroTol 2.0In a recent study, SaniDate 12.0 and ZeroTol 2.0 from BioSafe Systems were evaluated as sanitizing products to control fusarium in irrigation water.

Both products proved to be toxic to the conidia of fusarium, with 100 percent kill observed at concentrations greater than 500 μL/L for ZeroTol 2.0 and 200 μL/L for SaniDate 12.0, with a 15 minute contact time. This is equivalent to product concentrations of more than 0.05 percent for ZeroTol 2.0 and more than 0.02 percent for SaniDate 12.0.


The study also confirmed that these two products are potential safe alternatives to traditional chemistries such as chlorine bleach and quaternary ammonium compounds.

For more information about the research, or for product information about ZeroTol 2.0 and/or SaniDate 12.0, call Stephanie Murphy at 888-273-3088 or eMail her at [email protected]