Cleary Unveils Three New Fungicides

Cleary Unveils Three New Fungicides

Cleary Unveils Three New Fungicides

Three fungicides from Cleary Chemical were recently EPA certified. They are Torque, Affirm and Legend.


Torque is a Tebuconazole formulation labeled for turf and ornamental uses.

“This active ingredient has a long development history and excellent track record for turf disease management,” says Rick Fletcher, director of product development.

Affirm WDG, meanwhile, is a replacement for Endorse WP. Affirm WDG represents a new 11.3 percent Polyoxin D formulation, which, according to Cleary, is 4.5 times more concentrated than Endorse.

“In turf, the new 2.4 pounds per acre rate will greatly assist superintendents and growers by reducing the solids suspended in their application equipment,” Fletcher says. “This will be a huge benefit to the many applicators who tank mix products on a regular basis.”

Legend, the third new Cleary fungicide to hit the market, is a 6 pounds-per gallon Chlorothalonil product made with Cleary’s Rainkote formulation technology. This new, easy mixing water-based suspension provides good plant coverage and sticking power for a variety of turf and ornamental uses.

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