Late Blight Makes An Appearance

Late Blight Makes An Appearance

Tom Ford, a Penn State Cooperative Extension agent covering Cambria and Somerset counties in Pennsylvania, responded to a call at a community garden in Blair County earlier this month.

According to the Tribune-Democrat, Ford confirmed 50 to 75 tomato plants were infected with late blight.


“I am actually very worried at this point,” Ford told the Tribune-Democrat. “If it gets warm and dry we may be OK, but these little cold fronts are especially bad for Cambria and Somerset because of the mountain areas.

“It’s just a matter of time before we see more.”

Late blight-infected plants were traced to a retail greenhouse in Somerset County, creating concern that many gardeners in Cambria County may have some of the infected plants, Ford says. Penn State officials are not identifying the Somerset business that sold the infected plants.

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