New Biological Fungicide: Subtilex NG

New Biological Fungicide: Subtilex NG

New Biological Fungicide: Subtilex NG

Becker Underwood’s new Subtilex NG is based on the MBI 600 strain of Bacillus subtilis, which produces an endospore allowing bacteria to survive extreme environmental conditions like heat and desiccation.


Subtilex NG works through two modes of action: It colonizes plant roots to exclude soil-borne pathogens, and it produces a metabolite that destroys the pathogen’s cell wall.

“Unlike a number of other biological products on the market, Subtilex NG offers growers a more flexible application window and also doesn’t require special storage or refrigeration,” says Joe Lara, product manager at Becker Underwood. “Subtilex NG has a long shelf life and complements a wide variety of chemical and biological products used in integrated pest management programs.

“The unique dual mode of action helps produce high-quality crops that are more vigorous, look healthier and ultimately add value to the grower’s product brand.” 

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