New Fungicide Provides Production and Postharvest Disease Control in Ornamental Crops

BASF PageantBASF recently introduced Pageant TR Intrinsic fungicide, the newest in the company’s line of Total Release fungicide and insecticide solutions. Pageant TR is designed for professional ornamental growers and can be applied any time during the production cycle and during transportation.

In addition to use in enclosed greenhouses, Pageant TR has an additional label application for use in the cargo area of trucks. This provides growers with additional disease protection from the time plants leave the greenhouse to the time they arrive at the retail site.


Pageant TR delivers broad-spectrum foliar protection against seven key foliar diseases: Alternaria, Botrytis, Cylindrocladium, Cercospora, Myrothecium, powdery mildew, and rust (Uromyces). Total Release solutions are efficient and easy to use, according to the company. Growers do not have to mix chemicals or operate industrial application equipment with these ready-to-use products.

“Growers have a vested interest in ensuring the finished plants they deliver are healthy and attractive on retail shelves,” says Joe Lara, Senior Product Manager for BASF Ornamentals. “As part of an overall disease management program, Pageant TR helps them reach that goal.”