OHP Unveils Disarm O Fungicide

OHP Unveils Disarm O Fungicide

OHP Unveils Disarm O Fungicide

OHP‘s Disarm O is a broad-spectrum foliar and drench systemic fungicide that offers control of many troublesome foliar diseases, as well as soil-borne diseases like rhizoctonia and phytophthora.

Among the foliar diseases controlled by Disarm O are anthracnose, powdery mildew, rusts and leaf spots.


Disarm O may be used on plants growing in containers, benches, flats, plugs and beds in greenhouses, shadehouses, nurseries and interiorscapes. Rigorous testing has shown excellent plant safety. Disarm O, a member of the strobilurin class of fungicides.

“Most strobilurins are strongest as foliar disease control products,” says Jeff Dobbs, OHP’s technical services director. “Disarm O is not only strong as a foliar disease control product but also offers control of soil-borne diseases.”

OHP will continue to add additional soil-borne diseases to the Disarm O specimen label.

“We are proud to bring yet another winning product to the horticulture market,” says Terry Higgins, OHP vice president and general manager. “Our goal is to continue to add grower solutions to our product portfolio.”

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