Agro-K Expands Distribution In New England Through Partnership With Northeast Agricultural Sales

Agro-K Corporation, which manufactures conventional and organic foliar plant nutrients, recently announced it is partnering with Northeast Agricultural Sales (NEAG) for distribution of the full line of Agro-K foliar fertilizers and soil biological products in northern New England.

NEAG, which is headquartered in Lyndonville, VT, and with offices in Fairfield and Detroit, Maine, has been a regional supplier of fertilizers, seed, and crop protection products for row crops, high-value fruits and vegetables, and turf and ornamental growers for nearly 30 years.


Agro-K Corporation has been an industry leader in conventional and organic foliar plant nutrition and biological product development since its start in 1976. Through extensive trials and testing, Agro-K has developed a wide array of plant nutrition and biological soil stimulant products. The partnership with NEAG will help extend Agro-K’s commitment to its mission and heritage of advanced, sustainable crop production technologies.