Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Awards Several Grants For Floriculture Research

Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Awards Several Grants For Floriculture Research

cuttings-facilityThe Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc. has awarded 13 grants totaling $131,016 to support floriculture research for innovation and improved production practices.

Since the foundation was established in 1960, its support of floriculture research has totaled more than $6.65 million.


Keeping Frederick Carl Gloeckner’s direction and vision in focus, the foundation’s board of directors and officers met in June to review proposals submitted from researchers from more than 25 colleges and universities in the US.

The following grants have been awarded:
• $8,000 to Iowa State University for “Controlling growth of containerized herb bedding plants using cultural practices”
• $15,000 to Kansas State University for “Integrating the entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, with the rove beetle, Dalotia coriaria, to suppress populations of the western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis
• $8,000 to Kansas State University for “Understanding and abating intumescence development in Angelonia and Solanum spp
• $9,000 to Michigan State University for “Optimizing herbaceous perennial cutting callusing and rooting with DLI, light quality, and medium temperatures”
• $10,000 to Mississippi State University for “Mitigating losses and identifying new sources of resistance for charcoal rot on interspecific New Guinea Impatiens”
• $10,000 to North Carolina State University for “Determining the physiological basis of late season phosphorus deficiency symptoms on the upper foliage of greenhouse crops”
• $7,150 to North Carolina State University for “The effects of cultivar, soil moisture, and fungicide applications on the infection dynamics of Pythium aphanidermatum and the development of Pythium root rot in poinsettia”
• $7,962 to North Carolina State University for “Creating an interactive insect lifecycle photographic guide”
• $9,842 to Stephen F. Austin University for herbaceous species trials
• $12,000 to the University of Florida for “Introducing the NPR1 gene into Impatiens and determining the effect of NPR1 over-expression on downy mildew resistance”

New York Florists’ Club Grants

Gloeckner was also a life member of The New York Florists’ Club, which had very similar goals with respect to facilitating research and education in floriculture. After serving the industry for 106 years, in 1993, when the members of the New York Florists’ Club voted to suspend operations of the club, they transferred their remaining funds to the Gloeckner Foundation.

The New York Florists’ Club Grants are a continuing tribute to the industry people who gave their time and resources to improve and enhance the future of the industry. The following grants were designated for the 2016-2017 Research Year:
• $12,062 to Cornell University for: “Ethephon Substrate Drenches: Root absorption and translocation of Ethephon”
• $10,000 to Cornell University for “Breeding downy mildew resistant Impatiens”
• $12,000 to The Ohio State University for “In vitro screening of perennial Phlox germplasm for susceptibility to Golovinomyces cichoracearum, the biotroph powdery mildew pathogen”

For more information on The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, or to learn how to submit an application for a foundation grant, go to or contact Christina Thompson at 914-630-5313 x152 or via email at [email protected].