How You Can Avoid a Pesticide Violation

Worker-Protection-StandardsThe California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is looking to help growers avoid receiving a pesticide use violation. In some cases, the best way to learn this is by example.
Recently, DPR posted a presentation identifying the top ten agricultural pesticide use violations of 2018. DPR suggests reviewing these common violations of pesticide laws and regulations to help ensure you are in compliance.

DPR also recommends and encourages continuing education (CE) course sponsors to use this information as a tool for future CE courses. DPR asks for help in promoting lawful pesticide use practices by integrating this information into curriculums and by encouraging attendees to review these agricultural pesticide use violations as they relate to their operations to assure compliance with federal and California pesticide use requirements.


Additionally, DPR has created an informative presentation about the 2019 license renewal process to help spread awareness to those renewing this year (last names and business names starting with M-Z). DPR encourages CE sponsors, county agricultural commissioner (CAC) staff, and others to use presentation to inform license and certificate holders renewing this year about DPR’s renewal process, CE requirements, important dates, and the benefits of renewing early.

To view or download the 2019 Renewal Process presentation, click here.

For complete information on laws and regulations relating to pesticide use, click here.

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