Kontos Held Up In Court

Kontos Held Up In Court

SAF is urging growers to contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before February 8 and ask the agency to allow the continued production and use of Kontos insecticide, pending a new registration.

Kontos is manufactured by Bayer Crop Science and distributed by OHP. It’s used to control adelgids, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, spider mites, spittlebugs and whiteflies. It was approved for ornamentals in greenhouses, nurseries and interiorscapes by the EPA in August 2008.


A recent court order, however, requires re-registration and could prevent use of supplies growers already have on hand. EPA intends to issue a cancellation order for the insecticide as a result of a U.S. District Court decision in December, when the court ruled that the EPA’s failure to provide an opportunity for comment on registration applications vacates the registrations of that chemical.

Even though EPA had approved the applications for Kontos, the registration will no longer be in effect once the court order goes into effect February 15. Bayer has appealed the court’s ruling, but the chemical’s future is uncertain.

As a result of the court decision, EPA intends to treat the manufacturer’s earlier applications as now pending. EPA also plans to publish a new notice for comment on the application within the next few weeks. It will then decide whether or not the insecticide should be registered and, if so, what conditions and label language will be required.

To contact EPA, e-mail Ms. Meredith Laws at [email protected] and use the subject line: Please continue to allow sale and use of spirotetramat (Kontos). SAF urges growers to express the importance of Kontos in good management practices at their operation.

“It’s business as usual until February 15 and the comment period is open until February 8,” says Dan Stahl, OHP marketing and business development. “Stakeholders who are interested in commenting can demonstrate their right. We will continue to keep the marketplace updated as the situation develops.”

Click here for more information from EPA about the use of Kontos.