New Tool from Koppert Provides More Effective Thrips Management

New Tool from Koppert Provides More Effective Thrips Management

Koppert Ulti-Mite Swirski sachetA newly patented sachet for the predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii makes it possible to combat thrips infestations more efficiently.

Developed by Koppert Biological Systems, the Ulti-Mite Swirski breeding system is strongly resistant to both low and high levels of humidity, making the system more robust, according to the company.


Extensive research by Koppert has resulted in a sachet that creates a better environment for the predatory mite to build up its population. The sachet is narrower and slightly longer and gives the mites the best conditions to develop swiftly and strongly. Ulti-Mite Swirski is designed to perform well even under sub-optimal conditions.

Amblyseius swirskii was a great success from the moment it was brought onto the market in 2005. It quickly rose to number one in the list of the most frequently produced beneficials,” says Product Manager, Tim Bossinga. ‘The more robust system, Ulti-Mite Swirski, provides even greater security for growers as a beneficial they can rely on every day.”

The sachet is made of a newly developed foil that forms to the required industrial compostable standards. The sachets can be disposed of together with the crop waste when it is taken to a composting plant. In addition, Koppert has reinforced the hook from which it can be attached to make it even more effective.

Ulti-Mite Swirski is available from week 25 and is being brought to the market alongside the existing products Swirski-Mite, Swirski-Mite Plus, and Swirski-Mite LD. These products are used to prevent and combat thrips and also whitefly infestations in numerous crops.