SePRO Insecticide Targets Western Flower Thrips

SePRO Insecticide Targets Western Flower Thrips

SePRO Insecticide Targets Western Flower Thrips

SePRO Corporation’s new Hachi-Hachi insecticide has been approved by the U.S. EPA for use in the U.S. commercial ornamental greenhouse market.


Hachi-Hachi contains the active ingredient tolfenpyrad, which is a new broad-spectrum insecticide with a unique mode of action against target insect pests, specifically Western flower thrips.

Research trials with Hachi-Hachi have demonstrated excellent control of thrips, aphid, scale, whitefly, leafhopper and lepidopteron insects. Hachi-Hachi is active on all life stages of most targeted insects. In addition, Hachi-Hachi has shown ovicidal and anti-feeding activity on these target insects.

“SePRO and IR-4 research efforts with Hachi-Hachi have been ongoing since 2006 in the U.S. ornamental greenhouse market,” says Todd Bunnell, SePRO’s turf and ornamental research manager. “Results have proven Hachi-Hachi to be a very promising tool for growers due to its unique mode of action and by demonstrating no cross-resistance with existing insecticides.”

Adds Roger Storey, SePRO’s vice president of the turf and ornamental business: “Hachi-Hachi is another example of SePRO’s commitment to investing in research and development of new solutions to meet unmet grower needs in the marketplace. Hachi-Hachi was specifically developed as a tool to address the insecticidal resistance that has developed against the lead products used for the control of Western flower thrips. It will be a valuable addition to SePRO’s growing portfolio of products available to commercial ornamental greenhouse growers.”

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