Jiffy’s Special Blend

Jiffy’s Special Blend

Jiffy's Special Blend

Jiffy is introducing its new Jiffy-Mix for growers at this week’s California Spring Trials. Jiffy-Mix is unique in that Jiffy is sourcing peat moss from both Canada and Europe, blending it at a Macon, Ga., facility and distributing it throughout the United States to growers.

In all, there are seven standard mixes plus a seedling mix under the Jiffy-Mix label. This particular mix is special, Jiffy’s John Bonin says, because European peat is cut in blocks, whose long fibers improve air-to-water ratios and reduce the need for perlite and other amendments.


Jiffy also has the ability to make custom blends with Jiffy-Mix. Tref, which is now part of the Jiffy group, has developed more than 1,000 custom mixes for growers in Europe. Tref’s technologies are now available to Jiffy.

Another Jiffy development is its retail concept called Plant In A Jiffy, which we first saw at last year’s Spring Trials. The idea is to offer six packs of items grown in peat pots at retail. Each peat pot has an attractive paper wrap and packaging that Jiffy envisions as a grab-and-go product at retail.

Learn more about Jiffy online at www.jiffygroup.com.