Premier Splits Products Into Two Lines

Premier Splits Products Into Two Lines

Premier Tech Horticulture’s products are now divided into two separate lines: Excellence and Performance.

The Excellence line is tuned for horticulturists who want to increase yield, crop quality and resistance to various stresses. Growers can choose PRO-MIX products with mycorrhizae, biofungicide or a customized blend reflecting their own specifications.


The Performance line offers the solutions all growers seek. With the Performance line, growers will find the consistency, uniformity and quality of the PRO-MIX products they’ve come to know over 40 years.

“There has never been a better time to bring together Premier Tech Horticulture’s offer and the ever-changing expectations of customers," says Chantale Duchesneau, Premier’s communications director. "All of our teams have been involved in this exciting project, and we are proud those two product lines are now available for our clientele to experience."

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